Metre Matters – a course

Do you write in rhyme and metre?

Do you sometimes struggle?

When you read your own work does it sound ok but when someone else reads it they can’t quite get your rhythm?

Then this is the course for you.

Self paced and easy to understand, Metre Matters explains what metre is, how it works and why it matters.

I wrote Metre Matters after many years of editing other people’s rhyming children’s poetry and stories written in verse because of the commonality of errors that I came across. Things like twisting lines into unnatural shapes to fit in with a rhyme. Elongating a story because the rhyme became the driver, rather than the story. Forcing too many unstressed beats between the stressed ones – rarely, in English do we find more than two unstressed beats between the stressed beats.

So what do you get for your $65 dollars?

30 pages of explanations, examples and exercises.

A lifetime discount to my editing service ($10 off the hourly rate).

Free entry to my annual Spring Poetry Competition.

Membership to the facebook group – The Versealots.

If this is something that you think might benefit you – you can click on the image in the sidebar to purchase the course via PayPal. If you’d prefer direct debit, you can email me for details