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World Poetry Day – a Round Up + Poetry Friday

Just a quick post to say thank you to all the poets who contributed a poem to help celebrate World Poetry Day. Here is a gallery of all the poems for your reading pleasure. And to see who is hosting Poetry Friday this week just click here

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World Poetry Day 21st March

Today is World Poetry Day so what I thought might be fun is for us to use this platform to share a poem – preferably one you’ve written yourself and also one that is suitable for children. It can have been published before or it can be a brand newie.

All you need to do is send me your poem along with a pic of yourself and any web links that you’d like to share.

I’ll start things off with a little poem of mine called Wherever – published by The School Magazine [Touchdown] in 2014.

And in case you are interested I created the graphic in Canva. I love Canva!

by Jackie Hosking

And here’s a late one from John Hosking – thanks Dad!

by John Hosking

Thank you Sally Murphy for this fun little one

by Sally Murphy

Thank you Libby Hathorn for this beautiful sentiment

by Libby Hathorn

Thank you Jenny Blackford for this wonderfully chilling poem

by Jenny Blackford

Thank you Claire Saxby for your gorgeous nostalgic poem

by Claire Saxby

Thank you Sally Odgers for this gorgeous one

by Sally Odgers

Thank you Ross Clark writing as Ashley Clarkson for your nautical ditty

by Ashley Clarkson

Thank you Kristin Martin for your very dreamy poem

by Kristin Martin

Thank you Sherryl Clark for this sobering poem

by Sherryl Clark

Thank you Stephen Whiteside for your very amusing little rhyme

by Stephen Whiteside

Thank you Marg Gibbs for your very sparkly poem

by Marg Gibbs (M. J. Gibbs)

Thank you Spider Lee for sharing your gorgeous poem with us

by Spider Lee – this poem won 1st place in my Spring Competition in 2017

Thank you Meredith Costain for your lovely Wintry poem

by Meredith Costain

Thank you Jaz Stutley for sharing this beautiful poem with us – A Plea For Green

by Jaz Stutley

Thank you Lynn Ward for sharing this fun one

by Lynn Ward

Thank you Rebecca M Newman for this little gem

by Rebecca M Newman

Thank you Kate O’Neil for your wonderful poem about the Thunderduck

by Kate O’Neil

Thank you Janeen Brian for sharing this new poem with us.

by Janeen Brian