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Why a poets’ registry?

Yesterday, after receiving my author’s copy of this little gem, a fellow poet emailed me and asked – how on earth did you hear about that opportunity? Now I have lots of contacts in the Aussie KidLit industry thanks to the ezine that I put together each week called PASS IT ON and I’ve also had quite a few poems published over the years so I suppose I am known as an Australian children’s poet. But what happens when you are just starting out? How do you find out about these wonderful opportunities? How do you get onto the invite list? I think having a website or blog is very important, some sort of web presence. I think entering competitions and publicising your wins or places is also a good idea. Following poets on twitter, facebook, instagram etc are also all good things to do.

So why this registry?

To make it easy for you to be found.

As you can see I’ve started to add the more well known poets to the list and I will continue to do this as I think of them but if you would like to be added all you need to do is email me with your name, your web link addy & your achievements so far (you’ll need to have had at least two), a pic of yourself, any book or magazine covers & a short bio – and I will then do two things. Add you to the Aussie KidLit Poetlings page and add your blog or website to the blog roll.

I also want to use this space to bring your attention to opportunities that I come across both here and overseas and of course if you come across any opportunities for children’s poets please do let me know.

So that’s my thinking behind it. If you can think of anything else that might be useful to you just drop me a line.

Happy poeting everyone!